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About us

ЕК Print is part of an international group of companies that develop printing and publishing activities. We have been working in Plovdiv, Bulgaria since 2018, but our team has more than 26 years of experience in Ukraine production facilities. Thanks to their experience, we offer quality services under today’s dynamic conditions.


Being on the frontline of creative media landscape, we specialize in production of books with character and individuality. By adhering to high standards we are a reliable and professional partner in achieving your ideas.
Printing Services

Special facilities

We offer a wide variety of refinements to add uniqueness to your book and make it exceptional in the eyes of readers.

Strong professionalism

We have experience in printing, project management and logistics that help us organize the whole production process without delays.

Quality management

We follow the highest industry standards and quality control measures at each stage of the book production cycle.

Personal approach

Our printing house takes into account the individual needs of each publisher and endeavors to establish long-term cooperation.

Environment-friendly processes

We work responsibly and encourage our customers to use environment-friendly materials that have FSC certification.

Global services

Our printing house serves both domestic and overseas publishers, shipping to customers in the USA, EU, Israel and Russia.